mozilla labs

Mozilla Labs is no longer active, so this website has been archived, and the information on it is no longer reliable. For more information about Mozilla, see Mozilla's main website.



We believe in open technologies because they allow anyone with the skills and creativity to make things on the Web. Mozilla is creating tools and programs to help everyone from kids to developers learn the skills they need to help build the Web. Through programs like Hackasaurus and School of Webcraft (in partnership with P2PU), we are building new ways to learn and teach web development skills.


Web browsers are adding capabilities that allow web applications to create richer, more integrated experiences. Mozilla has created a gallery of user interface concepts to show how applications can enhance your web environment. Web Applications are built using HTML5, and can run in any modern browser or mobile OS. For users who don't mind running alpha-quality code, we have a number of prototypes that you can try out.


Just as Firefox brought choice and innovation to a once-monopolistic browser market, browsers can bring choice to the rapidly centralizing world of social networks. To achieve this, we need more than just another social network; we need a vision and plan for the social Web -- one that is built upon technological interoperability and the values of the open Web.


Mozilla is a major force in the development of the Web’s fundamental technologies. The Web continues to shift. Major additions or changes require significant research and experimentation before they can be brought to fruition. We're willing to take on long-term research projects, even on a speculative basis, to improve existing languages like JavaScript, as well as design work focused on brand new languages. What used to be a passive way for users to navigate linked documents has become an active, living platform where people have persistent, personalized relationships with full-fledged applications — and each other. Our platform projects include making web applications compelling to users and developers as alternative distribution models.


Mozilla is driving open-web innovation in media — from film to journalism to music and art. Projects like the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership (MoJo) help hundreds of contributors create new ideas, tools and news experiences that benefit readers and newsmakers alike — all with open technologies. Projects like Universal Subtitles and Popcorn create foundational technologies that allow anyone to create media that is just like the Web: collaborative, dynamic, and pushing the boundaries of how we tell stories. And through WebFWD, our innovation accelerator, we support and mentor projects developing new tools and technologies for artists and makers.


Your online identity, which is key to enabling a personalized web experience, is not simply a single atom of data. It is a dense cluster of your accounts (e.g. email, banking, shopping, etc.), relationships and other personal information, spread across the Web and throughout your personal computing devices. Your web browser, as your most trusted relationship in your life online, has nearly perfect knowledge of everything you do on the Web. We like to think of it as the user agent of all that you do online. We envision a world where your personal "user agent" will play an even more active and critical role in helping you control and shape your online experience.