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Mozilla Labs is no longer active, so this website has been archived, and the information on it is no longer reliable. For more information about Mozilla, see Mozilla's main website.

Test Pilot

About Test Pilot

You can become a Test Pilot and help make Firefox better.

Test Pilot is a program to collect structured user feedback through Firefox. Test Pilot studies explore how people use their web browser and the Internet - and help us build better products.


After you install the Test Pilot Firefox Add-on, you can choose to participate in exclusive studies. At any time your data is completely under your control: You choose if you want to participate in a particular study, you can see what data has been collected from you in real time and at the end of a study, you choose if you want to submit your data to the Test Pilot servers. Test Pilot study results are made available under open licenses, with the data being anonymized before release.

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