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About Verese

This project is considered inactive.

Verese is an open source software project that's graduated from the WebFWD Fellows program. They are still welcoming contributors.

Verese is a free open source mobile app that keeps track of your debt and your credit with the people in your social circle. It handles daily micro-credit transactions among friends, colleagues and family, managing payments for team lunches and outings to the pub.

Conceived from day one as a mobile application, Verese offers a unique interface and delightful user experience, built with some of the best tools and standards of the web development world such as jQueryMobile, Django and HTML5.

By using the open API you can even make transactions from within the application! Verese is an open source web application and it's open to your contributions. We hope to lead the way towards open financial standards and easy daily payments on the Web.

Project Team