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Mozilla Labs is no longer active, so this website has been archived, and the information on it is no longer reliable. For more information about Mozilla, see Mozilla's main website.


About TogetherJS

TogetherJS is a service for your website that makes it easy to collaborate in real-time.

TogetherJS is incredibly easy to set up on your site. All you need to do is include a couple lines of JavaScript and your site has TogetherJS tools enabled.

When a user comes to your site, they'll be able to activate the TogetherJS tool and send a link to a friend to start collaborating on the web site.

TogetherJS has collaboration features like cursor-mirroring (allowing you to see your friend's cursor on the screen in real time), collaboratively editing forms and text, browsing through the site, and both text and real-time voice chat.

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You can find us on IRC on in the #togetherjs channel. To email the entire team use

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